Moving, off of the forum

On the move. Moving to Vancouver. I'll be off the forum for a couple of weeks probably (well, I might drop in from work or something).

A few weeks? Are you moving by covered wagon?


vancouver is cool. beautiful area. you oughta like it there a lot.

Sothy, I can't believe how much you move around.

spacemanspiff, I don't want to post from work on my first day or two!...give me a week to feel comfortable. Yeah, the move is permanent or at least until next March. Osae, I don't move around that much, I just haven't settled down yet (ie. found a permanent job! =)

Maybe soon though...Vancouver is definitely nice.

check out Marcus Soares club there Sothy. I trained there for 4 years.

great bunch of guys and a cool location on Commercial Drive

A guy from Soares who won the silver medal at Rorion Gracie's International Federation of Brazilian Jiujitsu student beat me in that tournament in a 21 minute match - tough match! It seems like a very good place to train and he was a nice guy.
Torado4- this is a long shot but do you know who I'm talking about? He said he would send me a tape of the match but must have got side tracked. As it was my last competition before almost a year off due to injuries, the match is very important to me.

Fat Buddha,
I believe that the dudes name was Benito. Was he a bigger guy? Could be Garrett too.

If Sothy asks at the club someone will pipe up and take credit for the match.

Good luck on your move Sothy! The weather has finally taken a turn for the better lately here in Vancity!

I've taken a couple of classes with Marcus, and looking forward to joining after I get more based in Judo. Hope to see you there.