Mr. Sapp. Teach me the Game??

Mr. Sapp,
I am a fledgling heavy weight in the States with genetics simular to yours. I am very confident that with the right direction, and my natural talents, I would have international appeal.
Heavy weight champion FFC Freestyle Fighting Championships. 6'4" 241 light complexion with locks. good shape freestyle fighter good ground game.
"trying to get a meal ticket"
'The Shaman'
Kevin Jordan

Mr. Sapp quickly stepped out to get a burger. He'll be back soon to reply to your needs;)

First, gain around 100 lbs.

Next, develop great cardio by training with Mo Smith.

Are you serious about contacting Sapp?

He doesn't come on these borads, but there are other ways of reaching him if you are serious.

LOL. Sapp doesn't even know the game. Go hook up with the AMC guys and maybe if you are enough of a freakshow, you can leapfrog any sort of "paying your dues" to the sport.


Yes Loretta I would really like to talk to him either electronically or verbally

The Shaman
Kevin Jordan