MRI results on my knee

When offered to fight Chris Lytle at a higher weight class on February 2nd, I jumped at the opportunity. Figured if nothing else it would be a lot of fun because Chris wouldnt take me down, and I wouldnt try to take him down.

When I hurt my knee about 10 days before, I didnt think it was that bad. I knew I tore my miniscus and it was getting stuck in the joint causing it to lock up. We were just careful and played with it the whole week in Vegas trying to know what positions would get me in trouble and where to avoid.

Well I got the MRI back, found a surgeon and am preparing for the procedure now.

torn medial miniscus (knew it), torn ACL, torn MCL, damaged Patella Tendon...Didnt know all that shit was torn.

But when my knee heals, Ill be back in the UFC at 155!!!!!!!!

Get well soon & don't rush it.

Best of luck. Heal up

Damn.  That is going to be some serious recovery time.  Good luck and let us know how things go.

Get well soon, KBeezy!

Good luck on your recovery Kyle.

I'm sure you will be great in the 155 lbs div. you just gotta find your place, Lytle tends to make EVERYONE look bad, the toughest guys in the world can't finish him and he gives everyone fits.

Good Luck!

Best of luck. You must have an amazingly high threshold for pain. I am being serious. I have had my knee re-built 4 times.

When I blew my ACL the first time, there was not even a question. I felt it pop, actually even think I heard it pop and it HURT LIKE HELL.

You are an animal. You went into that fight with all that going on in your knee, damn!

Sucks because I heard the next season of TUF is going to have lightweights...although I did get cut from the last 170 TUF because, "you can fight, but do you have any personality?"----YES! Im just a quiet fellow!

KBeezy, aren't you married? I think it would suck to be isolated from family for that long.

Kyle "KBeezy" Bradley vs. Joe "Daddy" Stevenson at UFC 102!

""you can fight, but do you have any personality?"----YES! Im just a quiet fellow!"

Next time come in with your hair dyed some crazy colors, and shoot silly string at the judges and act all wacky then once you are on the show, just be yourself, it will be too late for them to pull you and you can just act normal. :)

No Im not married, and, geez give me a break...debut fighting Chris Lytle, make or break second fight against Joe Stevenson? Give me someone like Wayne Weems or something.

Just joking...Dont matter who, Ill be ready and come out fighting.

TalkShow, I think you are on to something. That is pretty much what Dan Barrera did at his tryouts

Hey Kyle,

Nice to see you post. We had a good time at the fights on Saturday hope to be seeing ya'll again soon. Tell Tony he needs strippers at the next after party.

Ronin Dojo

good luck kyle

That wasnt any real afterparty man. That was tony tryin to get a couple more folks to stop by his bar...95% of that show went to a real club after somewhere in Baton Rouge

 Get well soon, Kyle.