MT legend fights a great fight last night...

Went to Bangla stadium last night~~~>and got to see Namsaknoi fight against a very tough fighter in Phuket named "robert".

Robert use to teach at Tiger Muay Thai~~~>and I'm hopeful he will be back at the first of the year.

Namsaknoi won on points, but it was a very good fight.

 Wow "Robert" really thought he took that one. I thought he might have edged it out as well.

Robert is at Dragon Muay Thai now, right?

Was that Saenchai with a Sinbi shirt on?

Saenchai was in town playing a semi-pro soccer game against a team from Phuket.

I thought Robert won the fight as well...but it was a good match.

Robert has been at Dragon for 6 or 7 months now. While training at Tiger, we had several guests complain that he was trying to "knock them out" during sparring. (you don't get the nickname the terminator for nothing)

Anyways~~>we told Robert he wasn't allowed to spar foreigners, his teaching contract was up, and he decided to work for Dragon.

Dragon's head instructor Yod~~~>will be returning to Tiger after his coaching trip in Sweden, and I've been told Robert will be brought back at that time as well....though I don't think they have signed contracts yet.

Working Robert's corner is Tiger Muay Thai's Bernueng Sakhomsin (2006 Rajadamnern champion). Bernueng is 2-0 against Namsaknoi.

Wow, brings back good memories.

Saw Namsaknoi brawl Sanchai in the Ford Ranger Tourney at Lumpinee Aug of 99.

I am getting old

I am getting old

Aug, 1999...I was sitting in the auditorium of my highschool for my sophmore orientation old man :)

I see Saenchai was training at Sinbi while he was in Phuket.

You know it on getting old. I am like a wine, aging well with time!

Duke. Just got an email from a Dad of one of your teenage students, his dad is Jim Browne...think he's wanting to send his kid out here for a highschool graduation present.

...When you gonna make it down to Phuket?!!?


I wanna come out so bad. Fortunately I am a victim of of our teams success. We have guys fighting so often.

I am in Australia in feb. I am gonna try to swing threw.

If you ever wanted to do a training camp out here with your guys...lemme know.

We've got a decent sized cage, and I can put your guys up in free housing...might be a fun training camp :)

...You gotta come in Feb :)

Gonna try hard to make it!

Robert's fight in Malaysia this weekend.

Holy shit at that backflip out of the ring! How did he not get hurt? That is unbelievable. Just another testament to the toughness of Thai Fighters.

Robert is rematching Namsaknoi the first week of Jan. Should be another great fight.

Ray Elbe - 

I am getting old

Aug, 1999...I was sitting in the auditorium of my highschool for my sophmore orientation old man :)

me too