MT training in socal?

Anybody got any info on any of these places?

La Puente Kickboxing
Powerbox in Whittier-coach is Chris Moorings
Shark Tank in La Mirada-coach is Jay Martinez

Im looking at learning some Muay Thai and these are three of the schools closest to me. If you know any others in the Orange County area, please feel free to add them.

there is also orange county kickboxing in irvine,,


Boxingworks is pretty far.

I heard that OCkickboxing is something like a $100 a month. Im looking to spend $60-$65.

I'm not sure if anyone is priced that low anymore. 100 bucks a month or so seems like a common price.


Of course there is Ed Wedding out of Bellflower. I hear nothing but awesome things about him.



Let me know where you go, i am looking for a good school in Whittier or near there. Looking for muay thai, and maybe bjj.

anyone hear anything about jay Martinez or John McPhail?