MT vs "Freestyle" ?

This may seem like a strange question, but has anyone had any experience with a Muay Thai fighter fighting a more "Freestyle" fighter? Someone that is less disciplined and tends to just swing for the fences, throw random kicks and just generally grabs and throws and does whatever comes to mind?

I ask because I sparred with someone like this, sort of... he was new to Muay Thai and would go into these fits of swinging and kicking wildly. It was hard to fend off for me since I was more trying to concentrate on correct form and balance and technique. This led me to wonder how I would fair in a "street fight" if it were ever to come about.

I'm trying to keep this thread away from the typical Style vs Style thread... However, after this encounter, I'm curious if any of you have any stories or examples or can relate to my situation?

Thanks for any help.

I'm not sure what "freestyle" means in this context, other than a spaz who shouldn't be sparring. When someone does what you described above I will tell them to relax. After that I will hit them hard a few times to let them know that I will go as hard as they do, and I usually say that to them as well.

If they still don't calm down I sit them down with a solid punch or two or leg kick/teep them until they quit. Typically that brand of asshole doesn't come back after that.

If you don't think you could crush the average "street fighter" after about 6 months of training, change schools. By the time you've been boxing or doing MT at a good gym for 6 months or so the average newbie should look like they're moving in slow motion.

Yeah, I guess I shouldn't have even labeled that as a fighting style. haha. Or, I guess you could call it "Wacky Flailing Inflatable Arm Tube Man" style.

The problem is that there are only 2 schools here and one of them lost my business with them trying to rip me off (long story that eventually had lawyers involved. I won.) So, I'm stuck at this one gym.

I guess my main problem is that I don't see stuff in slow motion at all. I think I still have a lot of work to do. I was training for about 3 months and then took about 6 months off due to work and being in a different state that didn't have a MT gym anywhere in a 200 mile radius. So, I wouldn't say that I have 6 months of practice... more like 3.


Out of curiosity, what's your definition of 6 months training? I've heard people say that they've been training MT, BJJ, JKD, FMA,etc for a year. When asked how often, it varies from 1x a week to 4x a week.

I've been there, done that.... There is usually an "adjustment period" in the sparring match while you adjust to a style of fighting your are not accustomed to... it's to be expected.

When we train, we subconsciously end up mimicking the style of fighting the coach demonstrates. You end up becoming used to seeing certain types of attacks, combinations, and defenses. You get used to things happening within a certain rhythm. So now that you're in there with this "freestyle" guy, you're caught completely off guard.

My approach is to start off real slow and easy. Feel him out. Fight mostly on the defensive while using jabs, teeps, quick round kicks that don't have a lot of commitment behind them, and tie ups. Do that for a round to get the feel of the person. You should start to pick up on their timing and rhythm. You should start to see how they setup their punches and kicks.

At that point, you should hopefully be able to start picking them apart....

Thanks Khun Kao! That's a very helpful answer.