MTV True Life will be delayed

MTV pushed back the True Life featuring Randy Couture and the WEC to May.

Consequences of the nipple shield

That's too bad, but at least we know MMA will get some mainstream attention in May.


yeah, any reason?

aww well, nothing more we can do but cry and wait untill may


"aww well, nothing more we can do but cry and wait untill may"

Don't encourage me!

*Cries and waits till May*

Another reason MTV sucks.

I bet they can squeeze another 100 episodes of Road Rules reruns in, though.

Let's send them email saying we're male and represent their target demographic and we wish to have Randy Couture's show shown asap. If they don't they shall suffer consequences they can't imagine.

ttt for a full account of events...

More details soon.

is that the "I'll do anything for money" one that also features the guy who split his tongue and tatooed himself like a lizard?

not exactly gonna be great PR for MMA

oh well what can we do nothing about it.

I see this as a blessing. This way I get to continue avoiding MTV until May. Thank you for the reprieve, MTV!

cool, I think yours truly will be featured.

Unfortunately, the show was cut to 30 minutes instead of an hour so Randy Couture and the WEC are on the editing room floor.

Sorry guys!


Now I don't even have to tune to that fucking network, cool.

I'm disappointed by the whole thing. A great opportunity turned into zilch.