Muay Thai at Team Ox this Sunday

Just letting everyone know that Kru Scott Hicks, head coach of Megalodon Gym, will be at Team Oxendine MMA Academy this Sunday. He will be instructing a full workshop for all skill levels, consisting of footwork, kicking, punching, and clinch work. He will also be accompanied by three of his top students. Here is the lineup of guest instructors:
Brian Robertson- WKA National Muay Thai Champion
Joe murdough- WKA National Muay Thai Champion
Yahosuah Yahudah- WKA World Muay Thai Champion

Megalodon Gym Head BJJ instructor and MMA fighter Blake Grice will also be on hand. The seminar will be six hours long at an unbelievable cost of only $50.00 per person. This is a very rare chance to train with 3 champions and the coach that developed them.

The academy is located at: 127 Spring Street
Johnson City, Tn 37604
If you have any questions, please contact Casey Oxendine by email at or by phone at (423)773-3030. You can also visit for more infor on Kru Scott Hicks and Team Megalodon. Hope to see everyone there!

whos on team ox?