Muay Thai at the Commerce Casino, December 5, 2010

Stand Up Promotions along with the W.B.C. and M.T.A.A. will be having a muay thai show on December 5th at the Commerce Casino in California. The Main Event will feature Kevin Ross vs Malapeit. Also on the card will be Joe "stitch em up" Schilling vs Chaz Mulkley and David "King Tong" Huerta vs Mario Martinez of Texas. More fights will be announced soon. Go to for more info! Come out and support!!!

When do tickets go on sale??

Kevin Ross vs Malipet.. Thats top of the line Muay Thai there.. I'll be there

Tickets for the show our on sale now. Check out for more information and fight card. Its going to be a hell of a show. Hope everyone can come out and support!