Muay Thai Card, Mtl Saturday

Tristar will be hosting an amateur Muay Thai card on Saturday May 7, 05.

List member Grizzly Gym has a 160 pounder fighting his first fight.

Tickets available from us at GAMMA or from Tristar.

Thanks Sled Dog, TTT for the in-ring debut of Mike "Crazy Legs" Domingo!



Good luck to the boys from Siam No 1
- Stephan and Construction

Can someone list the full card for this event? I'm also curious as to what the rules are for amatuer fights in Quebec. Like what kind of gear do fighters have to wear?


I do like fight in this one. Word is i'm fighting some guy from Siam No.1 named Constantine Kalsatos. I saw him fight in Tristar last October. He's good, but I think we're going to make a good fight.

Benoît Lelièvre


In amateur Muay thai in Quebec they have to wear 10 oz
gloves, head gear, and shin pads.

All kicks are allowed and knees are allowed, but only to the

Clinching is allowed and kneeing is allowed to proceed as
long as there is no prolonged period of inaction or the
referee would call a break.

No elbows at all are permitted.

Three rounds, one minute rest. 10 point must scoring. I have
noticed that punch knock downs are rarely scored as such or
acknowledged by the referee they are almost always treated
as slips unless the fighter is visibly shaken.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck to Firass and Benoit this weekend!!!!!!

Cool Mike Domingo is a big guy for 160 pounds. I hope all goes good for you Mike

TTYL, Greg Compton

I'm proud to announce that Grizzly Gym fighter Mike "Crazy Legs" Domingo lived up to his nickname, winning by 2nd round TKO via his devastating leg kicks! He fought a very tough opponent, TriStar fighter Todd Wailoo (sp? ). Incidentally, any word on how many fights that was for Todd? He was on the poster, so I kind of assume that he had some experience...

TTT for the Little Club That Could!

Our trainer Firass Zahabi was supposed to fight in the main event for the amateur canadian belt but midway through the evening we were told that his opponent (Mohammed Awad, i believe) left the building...??!!

Was he afraid? Injuried? Who knows? Firass was forced to do an exhibition match with Ivan Menjivar instead of fighting a championship bout.

By the way congrats to TRi-Star boys particularly Ben (Marauder)!! Good Job!!

Sled Dog, you owe me a t-shirt!


Does anyone know how David did?



David Fisher? he won, he was too good and really too big for his opponent, his opponent corner threw the towel in the secound round.

Yes, David Fisher...thanks for the info.  Iam glad for him... a great first fight, he trained very hard.



Congrats to Mike Martelle and Mike Domingo

Thats great news Mike. I always knew you were a great trainer and martial artist yourself Mike so It doesnt surprise me that your student won. All the best in future to both of you

TTYL, Greg Compton

Anybody happen to have the results for the entire card?