Muay Thai Doc on TV Now

I was just flipping through the channels and saw this on the Documentary Channel. Seems pretty good, narrated by Jason Statham too.


damn wish i was home to watch it

Is the one by National Geographic?

I have Dish Network. Its channel 197 for me, though, I assume this varies from area to area. Its a pretty good channel.

I'm not sure if this was a national geographic one or not, it was pretty good, though.

I looked it's the doc: Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance

Here also is some more info on The Documentary Channel

Did you notice how handsome that American is?

one of the only channels that i wish i could get on direct tv.

lol Sam

Is it available online anywhere?

lol at sheridan's self-reference. i would like to see this show also.

Sam, Im reading your book right now and its awesome

Sam is so post modern...what is that level above the subtext again?  Is that the doc from his first fight?  I've yet to see that goddamn thing.


A very good documentary, have seen it many times and saved it to video. Don't know where it is online. Saw it first a few years ago, how old is it.

yeah,that american guy should write a book about his experiences.....