Muay Thai Fighting Rituals

Actually, that particular post is almost 2 years old now. I'll have to look it up again. The reason you can't view it on Stickgrapplers page is b/c the link is broken. I have informed him of this in the past, but he's been really swamped between work and posting and keeping that web site going. I'm sure he will eventually take care of it.

Basically, I was posting a question regarding peoples thoughts on Muay Thai and religion, specifically Islam. I had an Islamic student who felt uncomfortable performing the Wai Kru because he is not supposed to show that kind of respect for anyone or anything, save Allah.

I was attempting to collect peoples thoughts on how best to handle the situation, b/c though I wanted to respect his beliefs, I also wanted to make sure that he was learning the traditions of Muay Thai also.

Khun Kao

TTT. Nice post KK as always. By the way, on stickgrappler's site in the list of articles by u, there is one unavailable yet called "Muay Thai and Islam"? Might I ask roughly when that one will be done?


cool thread. Thanks.

Love that toad story. You know, they say certian species of toad can cause an euphoric reaction when licked. Maybe that was the case here? j/k :-)