Muay Thai in Bay Area, CA?

I will be in the bay area for a job interview, and on the chance I move I
want to check out some of the quality places around while I am up there.

Specifically the East Bay, Oakland, San Jose, even the Tri-Valley if there is
anything out there. Of course there is Fairtex, but I am curious to try any
gym that someone recommends.

Thanks in advance for your info!

Try Bunkerd's gym. i'm sorry i dont know the address but i hear it is close to the fairtex's gym in san fran.

AKA (San Jose)
Fairtex San Francisco)
Kings Boxing Gym (Oakland)

Bunkerd & Neungsiam are are and I highly recommend them. I have contact info and mobile #s if you post email.

AKA and Fairtex are also good in the area.

One of my best friends and former training partner coaches at the Fight Academy in Rohnert Park. They frequently host smokers there. Dunno if that's too far for you.

thank you for all the info everyone.

was already planning on checking out AKA and Fairtex. will try fight and

khun kao...where is rohnert park?

Its a little north of the bay area, about 45 min's or so in the Sonoma Valley area

yeah that is a little far, but when i get my skills up i will check them out
for smoker action!

thanks again khun kao.

Fairtex is awesome! We have a very large facility and have great trainers with Enn, Jongsanan and ny personal coach Ganyao Fairtex. Bunkerd's gym is about 2 and a half blocks away as well. Those guys are crazy and alot of fun to go out with!

hmmm i thought bunkerd was with fairtex...

bunkerd was for many years until he opened up his own place. Neungsiam was also Fairtex as well until he left to teach at Bunkerd's.