Muay Thai or MMA in K W / Cambridge / Guelph

I am more of a Judo guy, but have been doing Muay Thai for the past year in the GTA. Will be working in KW now, which means I need a new gym. Which gym in the Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph area would you recommend?

How is Phady's muay thai?


I am just a recreational guy.

And it's too bad that Titan MMA in Guelph closed down. The location would have been convenient.

Thanks in advance.

Phady's muay thai is exellent.
Check out
Mas thai boxing. I think they offer Muai Thai as well as No-gi grappling and MMA.Chris Kew is a great coach as well as a great guy.
Dragon Alliance BJJ which is affiliated with Joslins
another school which is affiliated with Bravado's and David advi(sp) great BJJ,judo and wrestling ptogram.
It's in Guelph but u won't go wrong.

Victory Muay Thai? I don't know much about those guys but I know a few of them competed in an amateur event in NY a few weeks ago, that's about it.

Edit: Where did you use to train when you were still in the GTA, btw?

I've trained at Phady's for a year now and have enjoyed every minute of it. You should come and check out a class. I'm sure you'd be able to do a class without any commitment just to try things out. If you have any specific questions just leave them here and I'll try to answer them.


Have my last training at Kombat Arts this week, if I can make it. Great place, and I will miss training there.

Will try out Phady's. I dropped by last week and met Phady and his wife. They seem nice enough. I am too old to go hardcore any more. Just looking to train for fun now.

I think the BJJ school people are referring to in Guelph is Kohbukan SISU

Wayland and Rob are great guys. I am just in a striking mood for the past while though. :)


Was going to try out Phady's today, but left work too late. Will try to go on Sat morning or next week.

Victory is very good too. It's basically the muay Thai program from Titan in a new location run by kru jay Bathija, who is from Siam no 1 I trained with him for a couple years when I went to school in Guelph. If you are close to there go check it out! Phone Post

Where is Victory? What happened to Titan any ways? I was going to check it out. I drove there, and it was permanently closed.

It's located at 120-101 Wyndham st. North. In the downtown area. I don't know the specifics of what happened, but I think there was a disagreement between owners and it just slowly sank. The muay Thai at Victory is pretty much the same as what was at Titan. Very knowledgable instructor with 25 plus fights and a Canadian championship. Phone Post

Thanks. Just signed up with Phady's. Will try it out for a while. Seems a bit different from Kombat. More clinch, knees, elbows, and less boxing.

JudoEd - Thanks. Just signed up with Phady's. Will try it out for a while. Seems a bit different from Kombat. More clinch, knees, elbows, and less boxing.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks. Was there last night, and will try to go on Sat morning.

Awh, I couldn't make it last night but I'm usually there Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Been fun so far. Nice meeting you yesterday!

JudoEd - Been fun so far. Nice meeting you yesterday!