Muay Thai schools in Thailand

I'm heading over to Thailand in a fortnight and I was wondering if anyone knew of any/the best schools where I could continue Thai boxing and/or MMA/BJJ training? Specifically, I'm going to be in the Saraburi Province (about 120km North-East of Bangkok), so the closer to there the better.

i don't think the sport is very popular over there...probably not alot of schools

My instructor told me that finding an MMA place over there would be a long shot, but there must be a lot of Muay Thai schools.

Bangkok fight club on Soi Asoke is the only full mma club I know of in thailand. In Saraburi theres no way you're gonna find any mma but theres gotta be some kickboxing going on, good luck finding English speakers though.

No such thing, as a Muay Thai school in Thailand, try Iceland

Train in America. There are more Thai fighters here than there. That is why kit lost.


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Our pro fighters train at Fairtex every year. I am told that the new camp in Pattaya will have grappling/mma training as well as muay thai-

Yeah, Saraburi is central Thailand.
Had a look at Kaewsamrit gym, Fairtex and the Muay Thai Institute yesterday: they all look decent (though the varying prices is obviously a factor) so I may just have to make a bus trip down to Pathum Thani or Bangkok or somewhere, though I have no idea how long that would take. Pattaya might be a bit too far.
I'm guessing that the bigger gyms will have English speakers: although I'm learning Thai I don't yet know the Thai for uppercut elbow.
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Cheers for the suggestions everyone


Just sent email to kaewsamrit gym. Cheers. If he answers my question about a gym in Saraburi I'll post it up in case anyone else wants to know about it.