muay thai t shirts?

Ebay has a selection of really ugly t shirts that were probably bought in Thailand off of some street vendor's cart. Does anybody have any links to some cooler looking muay thai shirts? I can't seem to find anything. I have one from Ringside, and it's a really good design, but I'm kind of stuck. Any help? has some really cool Twins tank tops.

I saw this one, which I would love to buy, it just had fists with handwraps on them. Real simple design, but very cool. anyone know were I can snag it?

BTW quik, ur right, those shirts on e-bay are busted!

peace - skrump

I went to and their shit is pretty ugly too

Yeah? I'm sure they would be ugly...ON YOU!!!! moooahahahahahhahahah.

BTW, I'm talking about these at the bottom:

I'm not into the ugly ass swap meet shirts either, I like simple. Less is more baby. The reason I don't buy more MMA or even band shirts is because 90% of them are black (ugh) with a bunch of crap going on. Tacky.

Fairtex have a good range of muay thai shirts

Linkage,those are the ones I am talking about,ugly as sin.I'd prefer something in black over these

hey clayton do you still have instant messenger?

yes I do