MUCH Respect to Judo

Hey guys - I'm a BJJ Brown Belt and have been competing for a long time. I usually relied on my wrestling background and a few basic judo throws to get me by in comps. It worked, but I always felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle :)

Just recently started committing myself to learning judo with a GREAT instructor. I am totally LOVING it! Really learning a TON of stuff and the details are AMAZING.

My instructor is very high level Judo player and also trains BJJ with us as a blue in BJJ. He looked at me funny when I first rolled into his Judo class wearing a white belt. He said he thought I was at least a Brown in Judo. I told him even though I'm a Brown in BJJ I haven't earned it in Judo - so out of respect I wear the white :)

Anyway - I have the same buzz I had when I first started BJJ way back in the day. I just wanted to come on here and give you guys in the sport HUGE props. I know this site has alot of stupid BJJ vs Judo crap but I never got into all of that. Always considered our sports like brothers.

Now I'm glad to be a part of both :)

Much respect!

cool. glad you are enjoying the two. out of curiosity--who is coaching you and where is your academy?

I'm going to guess he's training with Jake Flores.

Judo + BJJ = potency.

JG.. you guess that because?


That's cool. Keep it up!

Thanks guys!

My instructor's name is Mark Hidalgo - believe he is originally from Mojica. Awesome guy - great instructor.

See you guys on the mat!

LOL @ "I'm going to guess he's training with Jake Flores."

Keep working on those detective skillz.

It was a guess. Not a whole lot of detective work other than looking at Furacao's profile.

The description was "very high level judo player." Jake is the first person that would pop in anyone's mind for that area. Plus he trained some BJJ with Paulo Fernando when Paulo was training at Sanshi. Thought he might have gotten his blue in BJJ.

Yes, Mark is from Mojica's.

judo guy - Do you know Mark from Judo training? I only know that he has competed in some good comps and done pretty well.

Also Paulo Fernando has some pretty good Judo - I assume he crosstrains with Jake?

Paulo was training alot at Sanshi a few years ago. Can't remember exactly when I saw him there. Its been awhile since I was there. I think he was already a black belt from living in Brazil. His judo is pretty good.

I know Mark from him being one of Tony's students. He trains hard and has a great work ethic on the mat, and learned from a great instructor. I'm glad to hear that he is taking some time to teach, and helping to grow the sport.

judo guy - thanks! Cool info - much appreciated :)

I empathize with you. I'm a purple in BJJ and felt I needed to add tools to my game in the stand up grappling department. I started training in Judo about 2 months ago and wish I did it a LONG time ago. It's a great martial art -- very scientific and technical. I really want to get black belts in both Judo and JJ now.

Judo + BJJ = best of both worlds

Judo and BJJ should and could be like ebony, ivory, living in perfect harmony.

Both arts are awesome.

 Just curious where your judo school is located. Does Tony Mojica teach in the Los Angeles area?

That is awesome to here Bro. You are going to have a blast. I am just curious because I have been trying to find a good judo school to train in the Los Angeles area. Someplace that has really good technical instruction as I have had 2 knee surgeries and would like to really emphasize on technique for a while before I start training hard again.

Thank you and good luck training!

I train at Sawtelle Judo in West LA. I'm very happy with the instruction there.


I noticed that, too. His first take-down was a text-book competition osoto-gari...then he hit that harai.

It was very, very nice.

I think I swooned.

I did a double-take when they called his submission a a kata-gatame choke.

lol good stuff!