Before the season started, I said that Gabe was my favorite to win it all.

Obviously, after tonight's episode (and all the other episodes for that matter), that decision makes me look like a tool. In the future, I'm gonna to have to do some more research or wait until we get to see the first episode to make a pick.

That being said, I'm gonna take a mulligan on the Gabe pick and go with someone new.

I think it would unfair to pick a fighter who is already in the Quarterfinals so I'm going to pick one of the remaining 6 fighters who have yet to fight this season.

Joe Lauzon and Matt Wiman would be easy choices given their UFC experience. However, I am going with Gray Maynard for his "I don't give a shit" attitude. After picking such a 'tard in Ruediger, I think I need to back someone with some fire and some heart.

Thus, Gray's my guy until the end (although my golf game would say there are probably more mulligans in my future)