mundial review

The DVD is so long and has so much footage, I couldnt do it all in one sitting

2004 Mundial’s review

Part 1 Black Belt finals

Galo – Gabriel Moraes vs. Geremias Maia

I’m not sure who is who, as neither was wearing a team patch ( i believe it was Moraes), The match starts off with the competitor jumping into the ‘X’ guard, just as in past years they would jump into ½ guard. It has to be seen to be believed. The speed at which this guy pulls off the sweep is staggering. The guy who pulls off the sweep later pass the guard with a vary slick pass. Followed by him standing up, pulling ½ guard and sweeping his opponent again.

Pluma – Bibiano Fernandes vs. Fernando Vieira

Bibiano excellent guard pass attempt. You really need to study the way he pass’. Although he didn’t quite pass, it’s a move everyone should be doing. It’s a very, very high percentage pass. I learnt it several years ago from a Brazilian national champ, and I use it very successfully. I was really impressed with Bibiano’s balance. At one point Vieira had both his legs in the air and Bibiano was walking one his hands. Vieira kept trying to pull him back onto the mat to attempt the take down but couldn’t do it. Great BJJ moment. He escapes several takedown attempts using nothing but his incredible balance. I cant even describe what he’s doing. It as to be seen to be believed.

Pena – Mario Reis vs. Fredson Paixao

Man I don’t know how Fredson didn’t get taken down, but he fend off repeated single leg attacks, that Mario had sunk. He has a slick counter, almost like going for a knee bar. I really like Fredson’s use of leg control in everything he does. Whether it’s passing the guard, or defending a sweep, or whatever. He really know control. Anytime he’s even slightly in trouble, he grabs hold of the pants of his opponent and shut the other guys game down totally. Mario scores a nice takedown after rolling backward over his shoulders. This IS bjj. I love moves where you do a back roll, taking your opponent with you and you roll over him and come out no top. No strength. All finesse. Fredson comes back with a sweet, rolling backwards over his own shoulders sweep of his own.

Leve – Daniel Moraes vs. Rodrigo Magahaes

After a long even stand up session, Moraes pulls off a nice hip throw for the takedown. Magaheas quickly sweeps him for the escape (but no points). Magahaes repeatedly tried for numerous sweeps to no avail.

Medio – Marcelo Garcia vs. Casio Werneck

Werneck tries to pull guard, but Garcia ends up in half guard. Garcia quickly goes to work on escaping. The man is truly on another level even then anyone else, even the 2nd best guy in the world. All Casio could do was hang on for dear life while Garcia methodically worked his escape. Marcelo is so fast it’s unreal. He baits Casio into thinking he’s going to lose the position, them BAM, he takes his back, as is his signature. Casio’s whole game was shut down by Garcia (which is no easy task) Watching Garcia is watching a master of his craft work.

Medio Pesado – Braulio Estima vs. Jacare’

Jacare forfeits

Pesado – Jeferson Moura vs. Alexandre Ribeiro

Xandre is working top half guard and almost escapes, but Moura does this little trick to re-establish. So simple yet so effect. T’s one of those moves that you’d never think of without someone showing it to you. Sorry, I’m not give it away, but when you see it *if you get the DVD, you’ll be like “damn, I’m gonna use that”. Moura just misses the sweep at the last second. A really exciting match that kept me on the edge of my seat. Proving it’s a game of inches.

Super pesado – Comprido vs. Rodger Gracie

Comprido shoots, Rodger counters. Rodger shoots, comprido counters, Rodgers takes his back Rodger moves fast for a big man. I re-watched it times cause it was so slick Rodger stays on his back and it pays off.

Pessadissimo – Terere vs Fabricio Werdum

LMFAO – I have no idea what they were doing for the first 30 sec’s, butthey both looked like they were high on crack. THIS WAS BEFORE THE REF SAID START – Terere look like a kid standing next to Werdum. Big props for him fighting above his weight class. much to his credit, Terere held his own. He fend off two really nice throw attempts by Werdum. Werdum scored a take down, down Terere didn’t stay in side control long. Even though he lost, Terere had a amazing showing, and really proved just how game he is. Even Werdum acknowledged this and showed him the respect and admiration he desirves.

Absolute – Jacare’ vs. Rodger Gracie

You’ve all heard about the match, and about the arm I’m not gonna say much except this was a great match, and Jacare showed major balls not tapping. I’ll leave to you to decide it he played smart by running away from Rodger to secure the win or was he being a pussy. This match alone is worth the price of the DVD. It will go down as one of the best matches in BJJ history.

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