Mundine greatest mma fighter?

Could Anthony Mundine possibly become a world class mma fighter?

If he spent 12 months training grappling with the best(which he can easily financially afford), some muay thai,esp clinch, could he be UFC standard?

I think many of the attirbutes required for rugby league are similar to grappling and could be picked up quickly by mundine, esp with his athleticism and ability to learn a new sport so quickly.

His body type would lend itself well to thai style clinch as well, he would have viscious knees with the right training.

Good question! I'm sure if he wanted to he could, If he can keep the ego under control long enough to learn from the start as far as grappling goes. I dont know if he is big enough to do well in the UFC? It seems to be a big man's sport at the top now.(maybe they look bigger on TV?)

I think he could adapt to MMA quite well

I could see him getting subbed quite easily

When I first read the title of this thread, I just laughed... then I started thinking about it, and he probably would adapt well. Which pisses me off. He's a twat.

He is clearly a talented athlete with the discipline to train hard, the mental strength to compete and the arrogance/confidence/aggressiveness that makes a fighter tough.

Those sorts of people would do well at practically any physical endeavour & would do well in any fighting art.

I still hope to see him get his block knocked off for his frigging MOUTH - though I fear Green wont do it.

He has a massive ego and BJJ is so soul destroying, that would be the issue. Skills, he has plenty. Would be sweet to see him choked out though ;)

I would pay money to see a Bonello vs Mundine ladder match.

I doubt a 40 kg school girl would tap mundine;) In a short period of training he would be tapping guys with years of experience, with his athleticism, instincts,competitiveness and drive. BTW, a lot of his talk is aimed purely at self promotion for financial gain, which makes him smart to be controvercial and act like a twat.

I didnt think much of mundine ...till I saw him fight in the flesh, man he is fast, damn fast! I may not like what he says or the bullshit rapper attitude, but the boy is the real deal in the ring! Given the right attitude and 6 months with any of the top BJJ coaches he would have to be up with the best.

Cheers Clay

Be interesting to see how he went once he was on the bottom of some ground and pound and see how his jaw handles it.

Anyone have a link to the priceless picture, the one where Mundine's out cold on the floor?

Putting Mundines potential asside, MMA in oz has really struggled to find support from the public and some sporting authorities.

With 'The Man' in the sport, it would no doubt increase the profile of MMA, while simultaneously throwing all credibility of MMA as a 'sport' out the window.

Kind of a win/lose proposition IMO.


Why would he wantto? 5 mill for 45 mins with Green. He can always train his arse off for three months and get $400 to defend his title with Spartan... haha. Not a chance.

ifanything it might be goodfor thepromoteerstorealize how stoopid it is toexpect fighters to fight for next to nuthin.

After watching the Mundine/Green fight, even though Mundine toyed with
Green, I think Danny would actually have a better transition to mma.
Mundine's stance is very side on, very wide, leaving him open to leg
kicks/takedowns etc...and if that's his natural stance then it would take a
long time to change. Also, Mundine is quite a counterpuncher (from what
i've seen anyways) and relies much more on evading and capitolizing on
others mistakes.

Danny has a very aggressive style, front-on stance and can take a punch. I
just reckon his style is more mma-friendly.

Just my 2cents

"In a short period of training he would be tapping guys with years of experience"

What are you basing that on?

Mundine would get takendown and submitted or GNP'd to death, plus his boxing style isnt really the best for MMA. IMO the best boxers to fight MMA are guys with KO power and rock solid chins, and Mundine has neither.