Munoz draws Dollaway for March event

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                                Munoz draws Dollaway for March event

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Mark Munoz will try to keep his streak against former Arizona State All-Americans alive with his next fight. He will take on C.B. Dollaway in a middleweight bout on an as of yet unannounced card for March, set to be the first UFC on Versus for 2011.

The bout was confirmed to by sources close to the match-up, with verbal agreements in place from both competitors. No contracts have been issued at this point.

The show rumored for early March has been set as the first UFC on Versus card in the New Year, but a date and venue have not been determined as of now.

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Watch out for that Peruvian Necktie, Mark! Phone Post

 could this be the ireland event or is that definately not happening now?

Awesome fight again, love the wrestler match ups. IMO Mark should handle CB.

I'd favor Mark too but CB has surprisingly dangerous submissions, as witnessed against Joe Doerksen.

Come oooooooooon Munoz!!!!

I think Munoz is stepping down taking on CB.

i smell a dec