Musashi Pro Food

hi Bros, i just bought some Musashi Pro Food
Powder(choc flavour, bro) & was wondering if anyone
uses or has used the stuff?
I am currently doing 45 minutes boxing one day & 45
minutes weights the next, about 5-6 days a week.
It recommends to take it twice a day, but should i be
taking it EVEN if i haven't worked out? or only after
also did anyone have noticable result?

Our Team uses bodyripped and Vitalstrength supplements. Generally you take the stuff everyday as your body is still recovering on your rest days and your body still needs the nutrients.What is the makeup of the pro food? Protein/carbs etc.

cool! mate, per serve it's
20gm Protein
18 gm carb
105 mg sodium.
thanks for clarifying the need to take it even when not working out!