Music to roll with?

Do you have any good music that you like to pratice too?

At my gym, the often play some kind of techno music and its all right, but i think it fit the bjj stille! ( at least when you roll= its a littel bit to aggresiv for my teast, it should be more relaxed!

Have any ideas?

Im also looking for some brazilian muisc, almost like the song that was played in earley ADCC, you know the bongo trums? Anyone know the name of that kind of music?


yeah its called "crap"


Rage ... Disturbed ... Linkin Park .... Tool ....White Zombie.... Butterfly Effect some of my favourites :)

That raining song.. you know "its raining men, hallaluiagh! Its raining men..."

Megadeth and System of a Down have got heavy rotation at places I've trained.

Power in numbers by Jurassic 5

bob marley

Justin Timberlake

we usually listen to classic rock during the open mats

Benny Hill theme is the best imo.

If you have too aggresiv music people will get stressed?
Im still looking for my smooth BJJ music!

Wait until just two people are rolling, then put something slow and romantic in the CD player. The look on their faces when they realize they are rolling around with a sweaty dude while "wicked game" is playing is priceless.