Must have BJJ footage!

You guys need to go to and order 'Best Fights of 2002,' and the 'Mundials 2004.'
Both products have lots of footage of Roger Gracie.

This guys SMASHES people with rock solid fundamentals, and has the best defense I've ever seen. In the finals of the black belt Absolute division of Mundial 2004, Jacare (arguably the best finisher in sport BJJ) had Roger's back with a figure four locked in, attacking furiously with collar chokes, and Roger ESCAPED. Roger then proceeded to break Jacare's arm with a basic pit-stop/climbing guard attack. Jacare was unbelievably able to fend off Roger with one arm for the next minute to take the win, but technically I was much more impressed with Roger.

Best money I've spent in awhile!

Take care,

here's a funny roger story which i'm sure (hope) he wouldnt mind me sharing...

he stayed with me for the christmas holidays about 3-4 years ago and we went to the pub (i know some of you will be shocked to discover that most of our holidays revolve around alcohol) for a couple of scoops. anyway first round and roger tells me he doesnt drink....well after some persuasion i got him to try a pint of Vit G and we all know one's never enough

so fast forward 10 pints of the G and couple of shots and i've dressed Roger up in a fairy suit (yes pink with wings, halo, the lot) and have him going around my local with a wand in his hand.

but back to the training - yes he was amazing and thats when he was a skinny teenager, now he's a scary 200lb ripped technician. some say the next family champion...

This is why I admire Roger Gracie, but idolize John Kavanagh. Best story ever...L