The truth is I really do not want you to buy this DVD set. Then again, I do not want you to buy the new Saulo set, the Bravo book, the next Garcia tapes etc etc. I do not want you to have any of this information. However since you will eventually find it I will do my civic duty.LOL

Who am I: Adam Singer. I own the HardCore gym, I coach some pretty good fighters (Forrest Griffin, Rory Singer and a bunch of upcoming AM and Pro fighters). I have sold about 900 DVDs on MMA and the clinch over the last few years. And I never stop researching and using new strength and Conditioning methods.

Why does this matter. I want you to understand that when it comes to getting fighters ready, I know what I am doing. (Or so I really thought I did).

Lastly I want you to know that I have NO $$ INTEREST in this DVD. I have only spoken to Martin Rooney via message boards and E-mail.

SO WHAT DO I THINK YOU SHOULD BUY: It is a new DVD called TRAINING FOR WARRIORS. The force behind this DVD is a mad scientist named Martin Rooney. He is the Brains behind many sub grapplers, MMA fighters and other athletes training programs out of the Parisi School in NJ. You will see Roger, Renzo, Rodriego, Almedia, Kyra Gracie and others on this DVD.

This DVD includes everything you need to know to train for combat sports. Warm ups, exercises, routines etc. You get to follow Roger getting ready for the ADCC. The DVD covers strength , flexibility, anaerobic training, and so much more. HAVE I MENTIONED IT IS 4 (2 DVDs x 2 hours ea) HOURS LONG.

There is so much here it is unbelievable. Between the Training for Warriors book, the Parisi Warm up tape, and the DVD my training and that of my athletes will reach another level.

I give this set an A+. They will help you no matter what level or knowlegde you are at.

To purchase check out the Parisi website at

I haven't seen the DVDs but I thought that the book was very good.

Is there alot of overlap between the book and the DVD?
Is it worth getting both?

I think they are both worth having. Not much overlap.

Brennan's Set is Great! Recommend it for all.

Yeah, book is great .But I already placed pre order on DVD?s from Budovideos, because in book there are many unique exercises which I have difficult time to understand without proper visual stand point.


I can attest first hand that the training methods work. I have been busting my ass doing the workouts. My conditioning has improved immensely and I have managed to get a little bigger and a good bit stronger.

I will also be the first to tell you that the workouts suck LOL. Nothing fun about sprinting on a 10 incline at 10 mph for 45 seconds and then going to lift some weights and then coming back again to sprint...wash, rinse and repeat about 9 times.

I have seen a drastic improvement in my ability to train intensely for a longer period of time. My training partners have even mentioned noticing the difference. I have not seen the DVDs that Adam is talking about. Adam tells me what to do, and I do it. I am glad that he has found M.R's. stuff because it has helped me a lot.

Rory Singer

Pro Fighter and Co-owner of The HardCore Gym

Nope. From Martins site John.




TTT for these.
They are sick

If Rory says that these workouts are great then damn it, they are great because I am a HUGE fan of his and he would'nt lead his Rorymanics astray.

If Adam says these DVDs are worth it then damn it, they are worth it 'cause Adam looks scary and I am scared to death of him.


Jeff are you saying I have a legion of Manic fans? Or should that possibly read Rorymaniacs? It is amazing what a little thing like the letter "a" can do for your vocabulary LOL.

Either way thanks bro. :)

I just got these today, so I'll view them over the weekend and do a review on them probably monday.

For those who wonder how qualified I am to do a review of this type of material. I am a certified personal trainer and a certified coach under USA Hockey. I have prepared guys to step into their said sport in many different areas. Hockey, Thai Boxing, BJJ, Basketball etc.

Adam & Rory have jump-squatted the correct!)

I've only watched the first dvd and I'm already sweating (or was that my porn dvd?)

Seriously stuff on the market for the subject matter.

No, I meant Manics.  ;)