Musta been produced by someone who

has never seen MMA before?

what are these people thinking?

I could just see the pre-production meeting...

"We need a star, a big star to bring in the tourch!"

"I know, how about the worm?"


"That drugged out transvestive psycho! Let's get him!"

LOL, well, at least that was a flashy first fight

they couldn't come up with one good idea, so they just decided to go with 20 bad ideas

is there one single person on this planet who is into this moronic
drumming after the Tokoro fight?

i agree the producer had some crazy bad ideas to throw in all this filler

All they had to do was GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the fights do the

the promoter is an idiot.

did Jimmy Lennon jr. just say "R"oyce?

Loved the drumming after the Tokoro fight. A lot of Asian fans out there, and martial arts owe greatly to Asian culture. Raised it a number of notches above the low class metal scene.

boring pointless drumming = an asian thang?