Mutual Combat: Body builder picks street fight with Muay Thai fighter in Hawaii

“I’m the kind of person that never pick up a fight, but I never walk away from one lol.”
-Elton “Jake” Azevedo

The bodybuilder’s huge muscles meant nothing when he decided to pick a fight with a local Hawaiian named Elton Azevedo, who owns a nasty Muay Thai game. The altercation even had a commentator, who was holding the cell phone.

The scrap took place at night in an apartment complex in Hawai’i, and started when the heavily muscled guy in the white tank top mean-mugged the local in the black shorts and t-shirt as he walked past. And it got worse - I Skipped Leg Day also spit on Azevedo.

A tense standoff begins. The bodybuilder’s friend in the red baseball cap wisely comes to the conclusion that this isn’t going to end well, and does his best to escort him away from the scene.

He almost succeeds, but the bodybuilder is fixing for a fight and yells, “You and me right now, bruh!” at his rival.

If the red-mist hadn’t already descended, perhaps the bodybuilder would have been able to read the warning signs that this was a bad idea. For one thing, the other group was far more concerned about keeping the noise down than the possibility of actually fighting. And his potential adversary was casually stretching out his tree-trunk legs, and pulling up his shorts while he was waiting.

Instead, the increasingly irate meathead is able to evade his concerned friend and then squares back up to his rival. What he doesn’t know is that his opponent has a background in Muay Thai and MMA; he quickly finds out.

What Happened

The real (rather than wannabe) fighter takes a bladed stance, ready on the balls of his feet, with a keen sense of Distance Management. Suddenly, without telegraphing, Azevedo effortlessly unleashes a lead leg roundhouse kick straight to the bodybuilder’s head.

It happens so fast that the bodybuilder doesn’t even have time to flinch as the blow lands with a loud crack and sends him staggering backward over a wall and into some shrubs.

Azevedo then follows up with a series of right hands as his humbled foe unsteadily gets back up.

”I’m sorry, dog,” the bodybuilder’s friend suddenly tells Azevado from a safe distance away as the two square up again.

”Grab your friend cuz I’m going to hurt him, Cuz,” warns the fighter.

”See! Don’t mess with the locals around here,” the bodybuilder’s friend says, as he starts to lead him away from the inevitable knockout he was about to receive.

Azevedo continues to remain level-headed in the heat of the moment, and even goes up to shake the friend’s hand, bringing a respectful ending to the action.


Hawai’i has the highest concentration of people with combat sports skills on Earth. It is not a good place to go looking for a fight, or more properly, if you’re looking for a fight, you’ll find it. But winning, well, that’s another matter.