MVP Dismisses WonderMan After 299 W

‘It Could Be A Boring Fight…’

Page has a different view of the Thompson matchup.

UFC newcomer Michael “Venom” Page has warned fans that they might not want him to fight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson as much as they think…

Having established himself as an entertainer throughout a 10-year stint competing under the Bellator banner, Page brought his flash striking talents to mixed martial arts’ biggest stage this past weekend at UFC 299.

On the main card of the Miami-held pay-per-view event, “MVP” showed flashes of his eccentric style opposite Kevin Holland, whom he outpointed across three rounds in the “Magic City.”

Having likely secured an immediate number next to his name at 170 pounds, Page will turn his attention to ascending into the top 10 next time out.

But while there is common name on fans’ lips when it comes to the Londoner’s second opponent, “Venom” doesn’t seem keen…

Page Rejects Notion ‘Wonderboy’ Is Best Choice For Sophomore UFC Fight

During a backstage interview at the Kaseya Center with Sportsnet’s Aaron Bronsteter, Page reflected on his debut performance inside the Octagon and looked ahead to what could be next.
When asked whether he envisions fans getting their wish for a striking showdown with fellow karate-style specialist Thompson, “Venom” outlined why that potential matchup may not produce the kind of fireworks many are predicting.

“You know what’s interesting? I always (say) this. A positive and a positive doesn’t always make a positive,” Page said. "Because we are such similar-styled fighters, it could potentially be a boring fight.

“We are gonna be faking, we are gonna know so much, we are gonna be reading so much between each other that only really elite athletes are gonna look at and be like, ‘Okay, I see what just happened,’ but nothing much is happening,” Page continued. “So, I don’t actually think it’s gonna be a great fight, and I love that guy too much to want to kick him.”

Like Page, Thompson has also been largely dismissal of that fight. Prior to confirmation of the Brit being paired with Holland for his first fight, “Wonderboy” shut down the possibility of him welcoming “MVP” to the UFC owing to their friendship.

With that in mind, it appears likely that the promotion will be looking elsewhere for Page’s likely shot at cracking the top 10 later this year.`

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He’s probably right, give him Geoff Neal I say.

Ian Garry is the fight to make


UFC will stick him with someone like Sean Brady lol

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I am legit asking…is MVP good?

I have seen the highlights but how does he hang with the UFC top 10?

Give MVP a title eliminator


He looked Damn good. I was honestly surprised, as I know he’s Bellator good, but is he UFC good? He might be… win the title good? Highly unlikely.


Holland looked like he didn’t belong. I think MVP destroys Leon but will have a tough time with all the wrestlers up top. But screw it just move him up as quickly as possible he isn’t getting any younger.


he did look sly and sharp



I wasn’t as impressed with MVP as I hoped I’d be. Seemed like he had very little output and was looking for a 1 punch ko the whole fight.

I left my barstool to use the bathroom before the fight even ended it was so uninteresting to me.


I don’t think he is anywhere near Leons level tbh.

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Leon may well be more well rounded.

But people forget that MVP can do submissions as well.

Like toe holds in this vid

He almost KOed Holland multiple times


MVP has no idea your faggot ass exists, so he was ignoring you first :roll_eyes::clown_face:

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I hadn’t seen a full MVP fight (technically I still haven’t) and maybe my expectations were too high based on the hype surrounding his UFC debut and his impressive highlight reel.

Wonderboy Thompson is 1-3 in his last 4. That one win was over Holland.

Holland himself is now 2-4 in his last 6.

My point being MVP was given a very favorable matchup for his debut. He didn’t finish a guy who got stopped by 40 year old Wonderboy.

Honestly it wasn’t even the result of the MVP/Holland fight that left me underwhelmed, it was how MVP fought. Just not a style that appeals to me, at least not in the Holland fight.


He was really fast. Impressively fast.

As for Wonderboy, sure it might be boring, but it is worth it for the novelty alone. No guys with t his style have ever faced each other in MMA, not in any high level MMA anyway.

I 100% agree with what you said here………faggot