My 4th Boy Coming Wenesday.

Going to the hospital in an hour. Wife will be induced in the morning. Life will be just a little more hectic with a 4th boy running around the house.

I hope I have your luck, I'll probably get stuck with 4 girls. Congrats man!!

congrats stinkin'! now you'll have another set of hands to help maintain that beautiful lawn.

10 lb boy! Rough 2 days.

10 punds holy shit!


man was it a rough 2 days.... he is healthy which was a great relief.

Holy baby diapers!! 10 lbs??? Sheesh, your wife won't be able to walk for a week.................


Congrats Stinkin to you & you're wife!!!


           what's his name?

Congratulations Mike.

Much love to you and your growing family!


wow, congrats

congrats Stinkin..

Logan Benjaman is his name. Pics will go out when i get my computer back from the shop.

Thanks everyone.


i am ahead of him with 4 boys right?