My birthday

It's my birthday tomorrow i want to thank
the ug for all your support and my manager
and i will be filming for 2 days and
then to editing and documentry will be out
in sept.

i have no idea who you are or what your talking about but happy birthday

 I want to see the movie

I'd like to thank my brother for the occasional financial support and my training partner shane for working with me on technique.

 id like to thank the academy and crutchmaster for getting me the auditions. Hollywood is a big, scary town. 

thanks again

t-love flow

oh, HB

 Congrats Crutch, you've won this weeks coveted,

 UG FAG Award..

 Specially created to honor the biggest horn tooting fagits on the interwebs!!!

 What an honor for the birthday boy!!

Slow clap

Happy Birthday, Fagit!!! Happy Birthday!!


Here is the documentry trailer

TTT Happy Bday Man

Train Judo pulls no punches.

Nor does he throw any, as judo is all titty twisters and hip tosses.

 Good stuff man.

My birthday too tomorrow.

happy bday crutch your the man.

My birthday is Sunday so I am a coupla days less cool than you. Actually I am way less cool than you Crutch, so have a good one cuz u r the man!