My email to Mr Forrest Griffin

As a die hard fan of Mr Griffin, here is a copy of the email I just now sent to him, wishing him luck on his next fight.

Forrest! What's up man?! What can I say? You've got a huge fan right here! You've had an awesome run in the UFC since winning the contract, and have had some badass fights. The fight with Stephan will no doubt, go down in history, that was off the hook, non-stop action. You showed tons of heart, more than a lot of others show.

I just wanted to say good luck in your next fight with Tito, your opponents are definatley getting tougher and tougher as you go. As much as I don't like Tito, he's a good fighter, but you know what? I truly think you'll take this fight man, it's all yours. You've made it this far, and you've defeated some good quality opponents, this is just another obstacle in your way man, you've got a shitload of fans pulling for you to win this, and you also have the ones that are doubting you, but forget them, don't let the negative fight fans discourage you in this fight.

I know you'll come into this fight prepared, you've got another two months to train your ass off for this, whatever it takes man! I'm no expert, but I can almost guarentee you, that if you defeat Tito, you will most certainly be in line for a title shot! That is what you deserve! Of everything you went through on TUF, and your war with Stephan, you've definatley proven yourself to be worthy of a shot at the title, and I can't wait until that day.

I can't even express how much I'm pulling for you in this fight, kick some ass man!!!! I know you'll pull this off!
Train hard and I'll catch ya later!

Train hard and kick some Tito ass, Forrest!!!

I like Forrest but I'm afraid your going to feel like the little kid when "Old Yeller" had to be put down.

Forrest please beat tito.

Jope, I'm confident in Forrest. He will pull the win off.

Me too, SuperFinger...I think there's going to be an upset on April 15 and alot of people are going to be eating their words.

Forrest is no doubt, going to take these next two months and train his ass off in every aspect imaginable.

I honestly think he'll come out on top. Then I see him in line for a shot at the title.

Tito's one of the main reasons I got really interested in MMA, the other being Vitor. I have a hard time betting against Tito so I may be bias. I just don't see where Forrest has an advantage in any category. Even standup where Tito's sub-par, I think he edges out Forrest. I just don't see how Forrest will pull it off.

WAR Forrest!!!! I want to see a WAR!!!


tito is gonna slam forrest through the octagon

No he won't.

Tito will win. im NOT a tito fan and i would like to see forrest win but i think at this point in titos carrer in the ufc he HAS TO WIN. unless i'm wrong i dont think tito will has another fight in the near time future with the UFC if he dosnt beat forrest.

Yes he will

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