My face does not feel good

Props to Anthony Pettis, Duke Roufus and everyone else that was a part of their camp. Hope for nothing but the best for all of you.

No excuses here... Pettis threw a hell of a kick and caught my clean. I'll be back in the gym soon. Phone Post

Keep your head up! You do something not many people have the balls to do.

Have a safe trip back! Phone Post

Right on Joe. Phone Post

Respect for coming out and being so honest Joe, keep working hard and I look forward to your next fight. Phone Post

Tough loss Joe. You will come back stronger though. No shame in losing to a great fighter like Pettis.

We still love ya buddy!!

Come back stronger!!

Ttt for creepy! !!

Looking forward to seeing you fight again Joe.

You just got caught.  You'll be back.

Always a fan.

No shame in ur game. Shit happens man. Phone Post

J-Lau fan for life. You will be back, Joe! Phone Post

Big Creepy fan here,can't wait to see you back.

Always exciting to see fight win or lose. Hope to see back in there soon. Phone Post

Fan for life!

Keep ur head up bro we love ya

Sorry about your face. Glad you're ok though.

Can't wait to see you back.

Still part of the bonuses just on the wrong end this time. Look forward to you coming back even better. Phone Post

 keep your head up