My First BJJ Tournament in Swiss

I just entered my first BJJ tournament this past weekend. I didnt have the chance to cut down to 167 (with Gi) so I fought at 180 weighing in at 173. It the first European Championship in Swiss. ( NOT the ACTUAL European Championships. For some reason it was just the name of the tournament) So I waited all day and finally got my match. I was taken down and then consistantly fought my way out of sumbmissions and over powering positions. After almost getting choked out and being held in that position for almost a minute I reversed into his guard. Out of no where he snuck in a triangle. I don't know if it was a good one or not but I picked this guy up and pulled a Matt Hughes and slammed him. APPARENTLY that's illegal and I got DQ'd. So thats the beginning of my BJJ Career, a nice 0-1.