My first cage fight...lost :(

I had my first MMA fight on Friday in Indiana. I was fighting in the Light middleweight rookie tournament. Leading up to the fight i was nervous as hell. But the feeling when you get in the cage and they close the door behind you is amazing. Something Ive never felt before.
The fight started with us kind of feeling eachother out. A couple punches were thrown and there was a takedown. We stood back up.threw some punches, missed. Then i got caught. I think he threw a jab and i stepped in and he hit me with a huge overhand right.I dont know if it was the adrenaline or what, but i just kind of shook it off.But i definetly felt it. He then took me to the ground, pounded me. I rolled and he took my back and choked me out.
He was a very cool kid, and he ended up winning the whole tournament. I was the smallest one in the tourny and he tossed me around pretty good. No more fighting the big boys for me. Im dropping weight and coming back strong at 145.
All in all it was a great experience. I had a blast, and the lose just made me want this more. I met a ton of cool people, and even some UGers.Thanks Gary for putting on a great show. And I will be back.
-Jeff C.

I had a good time too. Except for the fact that I got fucked by the judges. Good experience though. One thing I learned, Never leave it up too the judges. Good show Gary thanks for the invite.



When you get back get a hold of me. There are plenty of shows around here, I will make sure you get a fight in your own weight division with someone who has close to your amount of fights. I know that you know your stuff dude. Also, I will hook you up with some good guys that are more your weight to train with.... unlike my crew which is mostly 205+. But you are always welcome to hang out or train with us.

Cool man!

yeah my fist fight was full of adrenaline. I needed to learn to controll it. I felt weak and like i had no power in the cage...but the feeling was unbelievable....i lost my first one too man...don't worry it gets easier...train more cardio, keep your head high, and fight like they will kill you if you don't need anger brotha!!!!!!

sandman, that was a very very close fight. You were the only one in the tourny that could hang with steve. You guys had a damn good fight.
dougie- I will be gettin pics from the fight soon.

Ethan- I will definetly call you when Im back. I cant wait to get in there again. That would be great if you could find me some guys around my size. I think guys like kyle might be a litte to big for me, haha. His legs all healed up? Butch's kicks are insane...Thanks again gary for puttin on a great show. I also met Toadizzle and f-15 down there and they are both cool as hell.

Keep your head up and don't be discouraged. I had an identical experience in my first fight -- I trained my ass off leading up to it, but let the adrenaline control me instead of staying calm. I learned from that experience though, and went into my second fight knowing exactly what to expect. I thought my way through that fight and won. So it really does get easier. It's just unfortunate how, as fighters, we don't have a "feeling out" process when preparing for a fight. Our learning experiences often involve getting knocked on our asses in front of hundreds of people. It sucks, but it makes you stronger in the end.

Ya i dont even know what was going on in my head during the fight. Everything is kind of a blur. It mighta been the huge shot i took though, haha. My next fight I am going to come out strong. It was great getting in there though. To be able to say you got in the cage is a awesome thing. I just wish i would have come out the winner. Makes me feel a little better that the guy that beat me won the hole thing though. JJJ sweet that you came out and won your next fight.

damn dude, you got some SERIOUS balls for stepping up

I fought there also.I took my guy down 5 times pounded him to death, lost all my cardio and got beat. I felt like I could not move. That was the worst feeling in the world. I will never fight at 195lbs again. Im going back down to 175lbs. Well im done crying. Congrats to all the fighters.

Jeff, you RAWK! You didn't lose IMO, you fucking won.

md how about the fights. Only one went to decision. great fights. And Steve Perrier(sp?) is a fucken machine.

i fought in that show too, gary put on a good show

Anyone here besides me not fight on that card?

congrads for stepping up!

Sandman, it was a tough fight to judge. You lost by a split decsion ( 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 ) That's how close it was. It should have been the final.

To all the fighters, it was incredible to see you in the cage. All of you made the show a success.

Now, take the experience and continue to support MMA in other promotions across the country. MMA NEEDS shows (and fighters) like this to help educate community leaders on our sport, as well as, provide a venue for the true warrior to start.

All of you were truly a class act