My Future, & MMA

This fall, I'll be attending college for Sports Medicine/Athletic Training. My goal is to graduate, obviously, and then become certified by the ACSM for Personal Training, as well.

I've been a huge fan, and am actively training for MMA now, and plan to train, and fight, throughout college. How do you think my degree, and hopefully, later certs, could translate into working in the steadily growing field of MMA ?

Could, some day, MMA gyms be hiring an athletic trainer to care for their gyms sports related injuries? Would strength training and conditioning, and other aspects of Personal Training be a real possibility for employment in the MMA "field"? Or should i invest my time in the business aspect of this as well, and attempt to start my own gym in the future?

I know many of you UG'ers have been in the game, watched it grow, much longer than i have, and have seen many more gyms and how they operate. I like to have a gameplan, i like to set my goals... And i'd like to know how a lot of you feel about this direction with my career!


IMO the easiest route is to join a gym- mma, bjj, etc, and offer your services to the teacher, students.

If you are good, they will continue to use you, and you can possibly become a fixture in the gym.

What's great about MMA is that it's a tight group for the mostpart and it's pretty easy to get networked and connected. I showed up to small show over the weekend and asked if I could take photos for them. I'm going to do a bunch of shows for free, then get a portfolio as an mma photographer. Win win situation :)

The best thing I could tell though is to get your degree and network within the mma community as much as possible.

Frank Trigg is the king of networking. The dude fights, has commentated at events, owns a clothing line and hosts a radio show.

As I found out this week while training, it is really important to have people that know what they are doing helping MMA fighters.

solidsnake is right. Network and demonstrate that your services are necessary. Basic supply and demand. If you convince people they need something, they will pay for it.

don't know if its a standard to have medical/health staff at a gym for the fighters/customers but you can possibly fill a niche w/ in an area with low competition and you might have a business, and definitely falls into the "do what you love" category

Thanks for the feedback!

nobody gives a shit here what you think you are goona do, noob

I took athletic therapy at school. Unless you work for a HUGE team I think it is unlikely to get full time employment with one team due to funding. Your best bet would probably be to work in a clinic and provide your services to several teams. Travel around, and do any rehab with them that is necessary. You could also do field coverage of some of the events (but seems to me they usually hire paramedics to cover).

Good luck

Damn, Mike Valentine! Either you were being sarcastic or are a complete asshole. I'll go with the latter.


An asshole on the UG? Supercan, how dare you!

Manfromyard, i realize now that in its current form, few gyms could afford or support the idea.... But my assumption is as the sport grows, as training becomes more widespread, the need for direct sports medicine in such a strong contact sport will be further realized, and steadily increase(At least i've got my fingers crossed!)

Hearing that ATT has someone in that position, is acctually very reassuring to me, even if it is a single gym.

Everybody can have a "clothing line" by printing up 100 shirts at a local press with a fist on it. There's definitely a difference between quality with what's out there.

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I'm not trying to burst your bubble however, did you ever think that MMA might actually decline?

Then i can go teach gym class and wrap ankles at a local highschool like 90% of Athletic Trainers, Duh.