My God these fake BB's (Poss Fake BJJ BB in Idaho)

My god these sites of web....

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subbed, read 44 pages tonight

ghostofmmaguy - My god these sites of web....


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I was looking for a forum topic that was on the old forum format a while back about a notorious fake BB that people on here were actually investigating etc. The guy said he was trained by Wallid Ismail or something, and Wallid made a video the he doesn’t know WHO THE FUCK this dude was. Can someone remember the guys name for me? David? or someone else. I know it wasn’t Barvo. Also, what happened to the thread, I couldn’t find it on the search option, etc. Thank you in advance.

David Lang.

*Wallid`s video is private.

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Holy resurrection batman!


Funny thing about that one is MMAguy30 who went to this dude’s place ended up being a huge scammer himself.

i used to get dogpiled for pointing out that “mmaguy” was clearly at least as unbalanced as any of the sad son of bitches he would attack, and attack with perverted single-minded fury and malice he would

Me too. I called him out on his shit a few times, but most people were all for his interweb vigilantiism

I remember the “Undeafeted Prison Fighter” thread and pointing out mmaguy clearly dick tucking. The prison guy offered to meet up with him, all of a sudden mmaguy had a “buddy” that was a prison guard and told him that the prison guy had aids. It was obvious dick tucking and he wound up abandoning the thread for awhile only to swoop back in for credit after a real fighter stepped up.

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THANK YOU!!! David Lang!! I was around back then during another SN… I appreciate brother!

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Oh wow!! Yes, MMAGUY30! I remember him, I got to check that out! About him scamming and all!