My Grappling Matches 11/07 (VID)

Some People were mad i called these Tournament Fights. Old Video, Thread Reworded.

What kind of BJJ event allows Heel Hooks in the Gi or Kness bars in Blue & White belt Divisions.

Not knocking your achivement...just confused, as most BJJ events use the CBJJ rules & regs.  even the smaller events I have been to (ran by TMA schools) dont allow Heel Hooks in the Gi.

just my little bit of input.



this is why they dont allow leglocks for noobs lol

Its the Maine Skirmish, First match was in the IMT/ADV Div Super Heavy weight. 2&3 were for The Heavy Weight Absolute. They Alowed Kneebars and Heelhooks in The Absolute and IMT/Adv Div. Its not a BJJ Event, they score points very weird, its not done by BJJ Rules and Points. Thats why i never left any of my matches to Decisons.


Congrats on the wins

thanx man