my instructional oscars

Well with the oscars next week I thought I would give out my awards for instructonals that came out over the last year. I know, I know, who gives a bleep. Here it is anyways.

For Gi instructional, my winner is;
Saulo Riberio's Jiu-Jitsu revolution set

runner up: The Margarida 101's

For no Gi instructional, my winner is;
The Kenny Florian no gi seminar

runner up: Marcelo Garcias

Best positional instructional, my winner is;
Stephan Kestings dynamic butterfly guard and X guard

runner up: Daniel Moraes's guard passing dvd

The it should not have been made dvd, my winner is;
mastering bjj vol.1 preventing the guard pass

runner up: singer bros. hardcore training

Best Tournament DVD, my winner is;
2004 Mundials by bjjtapes

runner up is a tie:
2004 pan ams by bjjtapes and socal proam by grappletv

Best video magazine, my winner is;
Scar Tissue by the OTM boys

runner up is a tie: grapplebook by grapplechuan and tools of the trade by greenwhale.

Now I know I left off some things but I wasn't sure when they were released, I left off the Feitosa's because I thought they were originally on video in 2003 which excludes my vote for 2004 stuff. Same goes for the sbg 2003 florida seminar which I wasn't sure when it was released since I got it awhile ago. So sorry if I messed that up. The new Kenflo Gi seminar dvd was not on there since it wasn't released till 05.

Good choices. Who did the Mastering BJJ Vol. 1?


Marco Alvan and Marcelo Nigue did them, they were just really bad it was supposed to be a advanced open guard preventing the guard pass dvd and they had a bunch of guard offensive sweeps before the guy even started to pass. It was just terrible from start to finish.


No, I meant it SHOULD NOT have been made. Because they really sucked IMO nothing on a scale of a zero but horribly misleading. As for the semi colon yes the kenflos were there winners garcia' the runner ups.

The way I typed it and the way it came out when posted aren't the same way. They were listed instead of right next to each other when I typed it up but they posted as one sentence.

Thanks for mentioning our work.  Tools of the Trade 2 is 10 times better looking and better content, tons of techniques etc.  Should be a couple more months.

Looking at your list reminds me how far behind I am in products.  I need to catch up!  From your whole list I only have So Cal Pro AM, Garcia's and Kestings....



I look forward to the next one, my boy Shawn Williams is on it.

The scary part about my list is that's only a glimpse of what's on it. I have too much stuff, I get a little crazy when I'm bored and just order too much stuff.

Shawn was my FAVORITE person to interview and train with out of all of the guys.  Everybody was great, but Shawn kicked my ass so badly it was sad.  Super nice guy too.



That's great to hear, Shawn really is great people. His bjj is off the hook. I'm happy he is out and doing well on his own but wish we still had him at Renzo's he's the best kept secret in cali along with feitosa. I just don't understand how those two cats don't have their doors being beaten down to train there yet.


Man, when Feistosa walked into the room at Shawn's seminar I was sorta starstruck for a second.  I'm happy I got to roll with him, smooth!  Them two will be working out with each other so that's awesome for both of them.  Shawn's classes are still pretty small.  I wish he wasn't 60 plus miles away!



I had known Feitosa was going to Shawns seminar, they are good friends. Shawn is in the documantry on the Feitosa dvds. Shawn, was at Feitosa's grand opening as well. You're 60 miles away? That's not that bad about an hours drive, to me that would be worth it to train with Shawn. I travel more than that now to train most of the time.