my left elbow hurts when i use my jab alot!

if i use 16oz gloves when i spar it hurts alot if i do straight jabs, but it dosnt hurt intel a little bit after Im done. This has been a issue for over a year now! I hyperextended it once, and it kinda feels like that a little bit. mWhat should I be doing to make it feel better?

Dude, no telling. SO many things can go wrong in the arm that are felt in the elbow. I know I have bone spurs behind both elbows that gives me pain when I fist start throwing, but then fades to a numb throb after a little bit.

Where at in the elbow? Behind? On the front? In the bend?

Its kinda weird, its mostly in the in the joint, but when it gets real bad it hurts everywhere. I've also noticed if I climb alot of laders at work it will make it hurt the next day. It never numbs up, if I take it easy for a few days it starts to feel better, but I got to train atleast 3 times a week, and its realy fuckn that up for me. If i just use 4oz gloves its not as bad, but then I can't realy hit anyone in traing. Two months ago I did a expo boxing match and after that it realy fuckn hurt! so the extra weight has something to do with it.

Well, at a minimum I would ice after your workouts. And I'd definitely see a doctor. Something is not working right.

I hate going to da doctor:( But I'll go and see what they got to say, cuz it's startn to mess with training to much!

does it feel like tennis elbow? is there someone holding pads for you at the extension of your punch and meeting you when yo make contact?
It may be like a hyperextension from poor pad holding.

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 change your range. Alot of people dry fire or lock out their elbow when shadow boxing or bag work. Leave a slight crook in your elbow. Once you hurt it, its easier and easier to fuck up.

Hyperextension of the elbow, followed by a rapid flexion, can result in a strain injury to the biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis, and other arm/shoulder muscles. It is common for the the nervous system to begin perceiving rapid extension of the arm as a return to that strain position, and this can gradually turn into a chronic recurring limitation.

There are a number of soft tissue bodywork methods that can be effective in treating such strains. I get great results using a combination of Strain Counter-Strain (positional release therapy), Active Isolated Stretching (effective gentle stretching), and light dynamic joint mobility drills (see "Intu-Flow" on my web site).

If you address the source of the problem, you should be able to use your jab normally within a few weeks/months. Most of the work needed can be done by you alone. A knowledgeable therapist (massage, physical, chiro, etc) should be able to teach you how to do for yourself.

Jason Erickson

I hyper extended my elbow ONCE, 6 years ago. I grew massive bones spurs that reduced the range of motion.

I just had my 3rd surgery, where they hammered, chisled, and drilled on all 3 bones. They also had to remove all of the joint capsule.

I can get it within 10 degrees of being straight, before about 40 degrees was it. Also couldn't bend it much either. At one point it was so bad I couldn't reach my mouth with a glass of water.

Docs say I have NO CHANCE of not needing full elbow replacement in 10-15 years.

GET THIS LOOKED INTO, NOW! Before it gets as bad as mine. Also get a copy of your MRI's or CT scans and look at them yourself.

I went through 7 orthopedists, most wanted to tell me I needed physical therapy to stretch. Horseshit, it was bony impingement. I'm not a doctor, but I am a mechanical engineer. I can tell when a hinge joint will or will not work.

So keep going to different doctors, and if what they describe to you doesn't feel EXACTLY right, go to someone else.