My list: Rare Collectibles cont...

Here my list...


Pride Bushido, GP Final ROund


IFC: Battleground 2000 (NJ)


KOTC: 5/16/03, 8/04/01

Ultimate Fight Minnesota: Emerson v. Pulver

BattleJax: 2/26/00, 6/3/00

ICC: Rebellion 4/18/03

UCC/TKO: 9/17/02, Ucc12, TKO13

ROTR 4 Penn/ Gomi

Iowa Challenge 9

Gladiators 19

WEF: New Blood Conflict prt 1


Brawl at the Royal Albert Hall (Signed by Matt Hughes)
39: Matt Linland Team pass (SIgned by Dan Henderson)
UFC THROWDOWN, WOrlds Collide, 43,44,

K-1 Battle at the Bellagio

Warriors Challenge:
XIV (fighter pass), VII ( Fighter pass) IV (fighter pass), IV (all access), XV
(VIP seating)

SuperBrawl: Press passes from 29,30,31

IFC: Global DOmination Fighter and press pass

Extreme Challenge 51 (allaccess)

Extreme Combat Season Pass


ROTR 2,4

Iowa CHallnge 8

WEC Halooween FUry 2


UFC:HIgh Voltage, Onslaught,The Warroirs Return, Showdon in the Meadowlands,
Vendetta (Signed by 15 fighters) Sudden Impact, Worlds Collide, Meltdown,

X-1 (first event) (from Japan)

Warriors CHallenge 4,

IFC Battle ground (signed by Ken Sham and Tiger white)


Victory FIghting Championship: Total Choas

HooknShoot: Revolution

Pride GP FInal ROund

UFC: Revolution, Randy vs Tito, (Both are the huge oneS)

Warriors CHallenge 16,17,18

IFC Night of Warriors 1,2

WEC Return of a Legend, Rumble under the sun

Warriors Quest 8

K-1 Battle at the Bellagio

Signed Pics by: Enson INoue, Shanno the Cannon, Jeremy JAckson, Gerald
Strebby, Andrei Arlovski, Din Thomas

Trading Cards: Rampage (signed) Shannon Ritch, TIto, Chuck (2 different ones),
Matt Serra, Chris Brennan

MIscellaneuos: SHorts worn by Din THomas in UFC 33...FIrst fight, first
fighter to record a win in an mma match in Vegas....
Application from UFA and Patch..


holy moly

I have some more for ya. I think I might hold on to them now though, you have so many.

Your were supposed to send me some motnhs agO!!!

lol I cant count on you!


I thought about it, but when I moved I found a bunch more. I thought it would be better to mail them all at once.

I am going to the UFC in Vegas, so I will wait to add those ticket stubs.

I wont forget about you, I promise

thank you...

Leftbecnh email me bro...


The very first stub I gave you is not on your list& didn`t you get your package yet?

Crow what was the stub, and no i didnt get it yet!

i might have missed one or 2


duh! I forgot that Pete Spratt also has sent me a signed pic

Damn Arias,I sent it on Monday.It should have been there by now.How big is your mailbox? Because its in a pretty wide and long manila envelope.Oh about the stub I just saw it on your list.So I feel kinda stupid.

lol...hopefully it will be there on monday!

Mail service sucks... I am finding that out this week firsthand.

I actually own the boots the Iron Shiek wore when he beat Bob Backlund for the WWF heavy weight title

I have pictures of the fights from UFC III that I took while a few seats back.


My wife had your folder! She forgot to give it to me!

Thank you for everyhting in there!

Thanx alot bro!

Fat BUddha can you post the pics?


No problem bro,

I`m glad that you got it!



I have a pair of Boxing gloves signed by Tito,Frank, Chuck & Fabiano Iha.
Ticket stubs from UFC 39 & 41.
Ticket stubs from WEC4
Autograph Pics of Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler, Tito, Chuck, Din Thomas, Fabiano Iha & Randy Couture

let me get the stubs