my mcdmicro made me HAPPY!

 she took care of me and obliged my normal PLAIN SUNDAE W/ CHOCOLATE ON THE SIDE (more ice cream and choco that way -- trust)

and then she gave me a big "shiny" smile and hooked me up again w/ my second course...

i may have to reevaluate my view on their uses. very interesting...

LOL@ at the keychain!!

fukin AWESOME!

is perfect for you fren.

Whoa whoa whoa!? What happened to the 2010 diet? scratches head, unless the sundae is PART of the diet???

weigh in tomorrow?

Sgt. Slaphead - LOL@ at the keychain!!

fukin AWESOME!

is perfect for you fren.

nakano shintaro gave it to me. i believe he's gonna be running san jose's judo program next year?

LOL @ dieting!!!!!!!!

Roy Nelson approves of this thread

FCTV808 - weigh in tomorrow?

No way! Unless I can weigh in w/ the crutches and splint on...

LOL, no cardio and no Bas = shloppy POS in just a few weeks fren! BTW, if we eat the aforementioned substances... How many days worth of calories does that take care of?...

Things that make you go HMMMM

things that make me go MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

 Michaelnesian hooked it up eh?  I went to McDs yesterday and those damn Filipinos fucked my order up.  Asked for port sausage, eggs and rice and spam, eggs and rice and those fakas gave me TWO spam and rice.  OHHHHHHHH THEEEEEEEEEEE RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I felt after getting home.  I was pissed!

it's so funny, the one time you DON'T check your order, it's fuct. oh man