My MMA Game Character (pic)

This is in regards to the "Martial Arts PC game" thread.  Almost 2 years ago I signed up for this project, to be a character in this freeware PC game.  It's very cool.  The clip on the website is Me vs Me and the characters are all real fighters from all over the world. 

It would be cool to get a bunch of UGers to do this project.  Here is a pic of my character.

LINK to site.

Links not working

Downloading now.. can't wait to see what it gives

links on site aren't working

That's hella cool...Is it an open-source project? If so, we can take it and add or change anything to the code.



To The "T"

Is the link still not working for you guys?

LM, how am I to stay in shape for summer if you post that menu?? hmmmmm????

it seems like a nice game but i can't control by guy at all...

if the grappling in this game is treated well and on the same level as the striking then that will be a first for sure