My new article! FRONTPAGE! Boxing

I wrote this story about three young boxers from camden new jersey...

My editor emailed me and told me that upper management really liked it and wanted it for the FRONT PAGE of the whole paper! I am so excited!

In print it looks awesome...Then on page 5a, which you cant see on the online version the whole page is filled with pics of them sparring...

Heres the online version!

My next article is on Joe Priole...Then the Red Devilk coming to NJ, AC...






damn UFC is ruining this thread!

lol jk

The UFC is going to rock Saturday.

I know....

Cant wait...

Makin phone call at work...Getting a head count..

N e way! Back to my damn article!


nice job! ttt

thanx bro!

oops i did it again

Dammit, now you got me doing it


keep it going bro!

Damn the UFC!

lol jk

Cant wait for tonight

ok ufc is over



got the email and will take a look at it


thanx Loretta..

it was good arias...i'll have to keep on eye out for those two lil' ones

thanx cro....

hey trevor is fighting in AC...I will TRY and get u his autograph if u like