My new knife...(pic)

I carry one when surveying, but that's it

Truthfully, in my experience, it's just a matter of we've learned to make do without knives. When I've carried knives, for work or just cause, I've found I tend to use them a lot.

"I've been alive about 26 years now, and I've never once required the assistance of a pocket knife."

--Neither have 99% of women your age. Coincidence?

If you want to carry one carry one. If not, then don't. Why bitch about what other people do? Worry about your own life.

I'm just stating that carrying a sharp object that close to Mr. Winky is like poking natural selection repeatedly just to piss him off

"my daily carry is a leatherman with a bottle opener :)"

that one I get

no, but I do have a console in my truck. Do you get alot of packages delivered to you when you are out of the house?

They're good for when you need to stab a fool.

screw that, I'm holding out for the laser watch

lmfao @ net

me too, I'm just bored...but I still wouldn't put a sharp instrument in vacinity of my johnson

i carry one simular to this. 

I use mine to clean my fingernails more than anything else.

One day this guy at law school said "Hey man, why don't you clean your fingernails with fingernail clippers like normal people? Why do you have to use a knife?" So I said "Shut the fuck up or I'll cut you." He hasn't asked me a stupid question since.

I always carry, never know when you need a good knife, Currently trying to decide on a new knife (love the spectre but I can't find them anymore, so I need to get used to a replacement), does anyone have opinions on the Boker Turbine, the Mcusta stingray and the Almar Sere?

I've been carrying a Wenger swiss army knife for years. In case I ever get locked in a room with a time bomb I can escape with it.

I carry the Wenger. I used to carry the Buck 110 but it's a little big and heavy but would be excellent for defense.And have a Kabar survival knife that I've had for 4 years and will probably never have a use for it but it's cool and sharp and a razor.

You don't realize how useful carrying a knife is until you actually try it. I use my knife all the time for opening packages, envelopes, stabbing people, etc...

I used to try carrying a knife with me(stabbing = cool), but I'd always eventually get boerd and start throwing it at stuff. Then it breaks or dissapears.

I guess carrying a pocket knife on a day to day basis is like a badge of honor to the world to show that you are mature enough.

Something to shoot for.

the emasculation is strong on this thread.

I have one of these, in black:

I carry 2 blades:

The Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-blade:


Blade of Unquenched Thirst