My new knife...(pic)

I bought the Kershaw Leek. Scary sharp with a switchblade-like operation, but legal and safer. The feature is called Speed-Safe™ assisted opening. If you need a good pocketknife, I highly recommend this one after just a couple weeks worth of use. Approx $45 at Academy, WalMart, etc.

that looks like it would be great for stabbing

Ken Onion can design himself a knife.

I used to carry that knife as my edc. It is a fine tool.

I don't understand you knife guys. Honestly, you scare me a little

Will it carve out an eye and leave a clean socket? I hate leaving a mess behind.

I got 7. 7 stabs.


I orginally bought the smaller version, but cut myself nicely within a few minutes and said hell no to such a small dangerous knife.

I refuse to carry a sharp object that close to my johnson.

I carry this one and love it:

Kershaw Scallion

My Tomahawk owns your butter knife.

that's sweet, cire.

i've been hunting around for a new edc. may have to look into that one

Mine's the Leatherman C303. It's the serrated edge version.

I had a Scallion as well. Loved that knife, very practical. This is my baby though, despite not exactly being a "carry-around" kind of knife

Military Boot Knife. Full tang, drop forged, handle is extremely comfortable

lol @ not liking knives

edged tools have only been around for a few years right? not like they have been around for centuries...

carrying a knife is like carrying a watch

why ask someone when you can provide for yourself?

if you need something cut you can ask someone for scissors or cut it just like if you want to know the time u may ask someone or look at your watch

or are you one of those baerbarians that use their teeth or car keys to open packages

"or are you one of those baerbarians that use their teeth or car keys to open packages"

You might not believe this, but there are other places to keep a sharp instrument for opening packages. I don't even like to carry my car keys in my pocket.

lol, where do you carry your keys? A man purse?

I did a similar thread when I got this Kershaw for my birthday:

Here is the thread:

I don't usually. When I get where I am going I toss em on the table. Get to work, toss em on the table. Go out to eat, toss em on the table. Come home...well you get the picture. I carry them when I have to but that's it