My Pan Am fight on Youtube

 go to and then search for GB Tampa.  I'm the third or fourth fight on the list.  If you want to see it that is!  : )  And--I'll never wear a white gi to competition again!




YouTube keeps freezing up on me for some reason! I'll try to watch it tomorrow Mike.

You did awesome bro! That guy looks just like Masahiko Kimura!!! Anyway, good work.

By the way this is Eric Mitchell.

 Thanks Eric.  I felt pretty good.  Just more speed on the judo work--next time! : )

Eric... OK... now it makes sense from your post on the other thread ; )

How are you? We need to get together and make out sometime......errr, uhhhh... I mean train and stuff!

Haha hell yeah man, I would love to train. I'll give you a call and we can set somthing up. No making out this time, it was a one time deal.

Next time ignore DOUG! LMAO-MOUNT! MOUNT! MOUNT!


You looked good in the fight. Your opponent might be nicknamed "The Cuddler"... but I'm not sure.

 Tim--Yeah-- I ignored him.  : )


Ben--You think!  but--he played a strategic game.

The hell with strategy..... GRAPPLE ON!