my Pride GP thoughts

Awesome event overall, top notch. Everyone came to fight (well, at least 1 fighter in each fight, and that's all it really takes for an exciting fight sometimes.)

Herring looked good, but then Takahashi really didn't belong in this tourney.

Kharitonov vs Ninja was an AWESOME, action fight. Those 2 threw down. Kharitonov is definitely a guy I'm looking forward to seeing again. It's hard to judge based on one fight, but his punches looked HARD. Ninja just came at him with everything but really just didn't have the size, strength, or technique to come out on top.

Giant Silva's fight was even mildly entertaining at least. I actually don't mind this freak show, he's big and awkward, and he makes for an interesting fight. Most of the top guys will probably dismantle him easily in the later rounds, but I have to admit I enjoyed the fight.

Gan McGee did not look good against Semmy. But perhaps Semmy had something to do with that. He showed versatility, being able to win from his back, and I think was even doing more damage striking from his back than Gan did from the top.

Ogawa fight was a joke. What is with Ogawa calling the shots anyway, that's LAME. "I won't fight unless you give me one of the two guys making their MMA debut." I really hope Ogawa gets crushed next round. If it was a work, that pisses me off because it takes the legitimacy out of the whole tournament.

Randleman KOing Crocop? Not much I can say that others haven't said about that, what a shocker. Give Randleman props though, he studied Mirko's game and that's why he won the fight. Luck may have had something to do with it, sure...but as he pointed out in the post-event interview, he was practicing specifically to time Crocop's kicks and catch him with the hook, and it worked perfectly.

Mino's choke was sweet, always cool to see something new. Yokoi was good, but I don't see him having exciting fights. I also don't think he belongs in a heavyweight tournament.

I was a bit scared that Coleman might give Fedor a run for his money, but Fedor came through, showing yet another weapon in an already deadly arsenal. What's with these sluggers suddenly pulling out the armbars?

I'm pulling for Minotauro to win the whole thing, but I'd have to put my money on Fedor in terms of who I THINK will win it. Everyone else is a major underdog at this point.