My review of Bellator 2

So this was my first live MMA viewing.

I would say AT MOST the Arena only filled up about 70%. most of the fans seemed to be there to root for the Tiger Schulmann fighters. (at least half the crowd left after Lyman Good fought).

The crowd pretty much only wanted to see striking. Many people were calling for the refs to stand fighters up when it went to the ground.

"Just punch him in the face" guy was there yelling that as often as he could.

The fights seemed evenly matched. I think many of the grapplers that fought last night really need to work on the ground and pound. Multiple times guys had their bellys to the mat and the guy on top just went for RNC's instead of pounding the guy out.

I'd go back and see the show again if they come back to CT.

WTF is Bellator, a new ex-Russian state? 

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