My SAMBO highlights montage

Hello my friends,

It's been too long since I've gotten the chance to talk with some of you. My film company put together some of the highlights from my SAMBO championships, so since there's really not enough SAMBO clips out there, I thought I'd share.

Take care, my friends, and please feel free to drop by on my forum

Scott Sonnon

Wow, very cool stuff..

Nice armbar to armbar..



Nice clips!

Hi Scott, that was pretty cool. Could you answer a few questions for me -

Were those matches in the US (They looked like it to me)?

It looked like there was a standard referee uniform - is that due to the specific tournament, or found in all sambo competitions?

At the end of a match, the ref shook both players hands - is this a standard sambo tradition, like bowing in Judo?