My SF Experience

 Got great seats for the 120 I spent.

Had to stand outside til 7, instead of 6:30 which sucked. But what can you do.

Place was noticably less 'bag heavy than the UFCs Ive attended in NJ. Lot of Russians there for Fedor and Sergei but also a lot more serious fans than casual judging by the conversations I overheard around me.

The production value was very "clean" and professional. Having all 8 guys line up on stage for the intro was awesome and very nostalgic. You could feel the heat coming off the flames during the fighter entrances.

The pacing between fights was also good and steady.

Ran into a couple old friends/training partners which was really nice. Dirty Jersey has a very developed MMA scene and everyone pretty much knows everyone else. Caught up with people and traded predictions for how the matches would go.

Everyone around me was pumped for the Fedor fight. Bigfoot came out doing some sort of strut or "pimp limp" and some guy next to me goes "oh, he definitely practiced that"

After they stopped the match everyone was pissed. Moreso dissapointed and heartbroken than actually judging the legitimacy of the stoppage. Bigfoot himself was nothing but respectful, kissed Fedor's gloves and showed him the admiration that virtually all other competitors have for the man who ruled the sport for 7 years.

Got to go backstage afterwards and met some of the guys. Sergei and Bigfoot obviously were in great spirits. Caught up with Rogers doing an interview for Josh Thompson was signing posters for the ring card girls, lol.

Watched the press conference. Vadim and the M-1 crew were waiting to go in and just like raking their ringers through their hair out of stress, all hot and bothered.

Met the Overeem brothers, who are both cool as can be. I dont know if its the whole Dutch thing, or just them. Alistair was trying to flag down the guys carrying food for the showtime staff. In the middle of someone asking him for a picture or autograph his head whipped around and he yelled "PETE-ZAH!".

Chatted briefly with Val Overeem about some of his past matches and recent layoff. How fickle fans memories can be. A shitload of people watching today have no clue he clipped Couture and Babalu with submissions back in the day.

Both AA and Fedor were totally off limits, understandably so.

It was great to have an event of this caliber come to NJ. Tournaments are awesome to begin with, especially one loaded with so many proven, experienced HW fighters.

It was dissapointing to have this be the only time Ive been able to see Fedor live. But if this does indeed wind up being his final match, Im still glad I got to see it in person.

Event was easily an 8.5-9, imo.

 It was definetely a more hard core and less douchy crowd.

I felt like I was among freinds near the floor with so many NY/NJ BJJ people hanging out.

I really enjoyed the show and felt I got good value for the money I spent.

I had a great time at the Strikeforce event.

People are so corny with all the UFC vs Strikeforce bullshit.

All the fights were good imo, and the main event was just nuts of course. So hard to describe the vibe in that place after that brutal second round, everyone was on edge, but elated to see Fedor make it thru the round. What a warrior!

I dont think anyone expected the doctor stoppage. Everyone wanted to see that Rocky moment. But this is MMA, not hollywood.

Not the outcome I was looking for either but it is what it is. Im just glad I was there to see it, to feel it in person. I love going to the live events, nothing else like it in any other sport.

Also saw a couple UFC fighters in the audience showing love. GSP was walking around the cage taking pictures with fans, saw Renzo Gracie also.

Matt riddle was sitting 2 rows in front of us during the prelims, seemed like he was a bit wasted. Then I guess he moved cuz some other kids came and he left the seats he was in.

Sad night for two of my favorite fighters but overall, I wouldnt have missed it for anything.

Cool. Thanks for sharing.

Cool thread, thanks Phone Post

Had a great time there. It was my first big event.

I have half in the bag so I apologize to anyone sitting near me who had to sit through me yelling "Horsemeat" when Alistair came out and "Poutine" when Yves Lavigne came out.

It was bittersweet though having to see Fedor lose.

 I can just picture the Reem wanting to eat food all the time.

cool helwig.... wish i was there . did you meet my boy bloodstain?

 good 4 u. from what i've heard no one gets near fedor.

  "Glad to hear the crowd wasn't the usual crowds at MMA cards."


The last 3 UFCs I went to were a nightmare of 'bag-dom.


 Did not meet bloodstain.

I was hoping to fun into some people from the forum.

You really cant miss me.

Thanks for interesting post!